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Lingospot's vision is to improve human-computer interaction through our unique and in-depth understanding of context.

We have developed a patented, powerful technology platform that understands context. Our technology platform has been built on our experience serving some of the world's most well known and demanding digital media companies. Our technology anticipates user needs by analyzing user context--a diverse number of inputs which includes content currently being consumed, historical interactions, social media connections, location, time, demographics and more. By gaining an understanding of the user's context, we can better predict their information needs automatically and accurately.

The first application of our technology was in the online publishing industry, where we have been working with leading publications such as Bloomberg, Gannett, BSkyB, Time Inc. and many others. By understanding online visitors' context, such as the articles they are reading and topics they are interested in historically, we are able to better recommend content and information they would be interested in.

Building on our experience in the online publishing market, we are now focused on enhancing a viewer's experience while watching TV. Viewers are already looking for content related to the shows they watch; Lingospot's technology fulfills this need by serving the most relevant companion content to the second screen or smart TV, automatically, by our in-depth analysis of each viewer's context.

Lingospot has only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible. By better understanding a user's context, in any situation, we can improve their experience with computers and are excited to pursue additional applications of our technology.